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To be different does not necessarily mean to be unique. To be qualified to be unique you must be special and daring, unlike anything the world has seen. A unique person can be inspiring, a unique piece of jewelry can be a muse. The power of the word “unique” is infinite, and defies the laws of temporal duration. To be unique means to have the ability to be immortal. Not necessarily in the sense of eternal life on Earth, but in the sense of an endless spark of hope, creativity or power in an individual. (i.e. Madonna, Marilyn Monroe, Coco Chanel, Anne Frank) We, as a human race are unique. But, we must also be unique within each other. Are we born with the ability to be special, creative, or an inspirational person? Or, do we make ourselves that way? I believe, some of us are born with a better chance, statistically, to raise up to the standard of unique, but, every person, from the suburban house wife to the homeless man in New York City, has the ability inside us, that fire, the drive, to be unique. To be special. To separate themselves from the rest and be remembered for all eternity. I’d like to think, one day, I can reach my goal of becoming unique… Do you, yourself believe in your heart and soul enough to reach for that glimmering star? 

I’ve been thinking, for awhile, about Halloween and how it affects our lives… what it shows us as human beings. Halloween has the ability to show us a persons true character, weather they have an attraction to darkness or a more passionate, sexual side. To be honest, it seems to me like it’s a window to the soul, a day when the facade and our true, most primal side, become one.

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